SONICFRESH™ Total Clean Electric Toothbrush

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Advanced cleaning technology sets the Remington SONICFRESH™ Total Clean apart from the rest. Sonic Pulse Technology delivers an impressive 31,000 strokes per minute and dynamic deep cleaning helps you achieve naturally white results.

With three cleaning modes you can completely personalise your tooth brushing experience – select ‘Massage mode’ to stimulate the gums, ‘Sensitive mode’ for a more gentle brush, and ‘Clean mode’ for a powerful every day deep cleanse. 

This clever toothbrush includes a professional 2-minute timer with a 30-second interval pacer to help you keep to the recommended optimum brushing time. To maximise this 2 minute treatment, divide your mouth into quadrants and treat each area in turn. The toothbrush will let you know how you’re tracking by pulsing every 30 seconds to indicate it’s time to move on to the next quadrant, and when your brushing is complete. 

This model also comes with a set of 3 brush heads, each one easily identified with a different colour ring (red, blue & yellow), so the whole family can take advantage of this advanced cleaning system.

*Vs. manual brushing

  • Perfetto in Viaggio

    Perfetto in Viaggio

    Lo spazzolino elettrico sottile e leggero è dotato di una comoda custodia igienica che aiuta a mantenere una buona igiene orale oltre a renderne comodo il trasporto. Dotato di una batteria di lunga durata e di una comoda funzione di carica rapida, questo spazzolino elettrico diventerà il tuo fidato compagno di viaggi..per un sorriso sempre splendente!
  • Forza Pulente Avanzata*

    Forza Pulente Avanzata*

    La Tecnologia Sonica a Impulsi garantisce 31,000 pulsazioni al minuto per una pulizia dinamica profonda e denti naturalmente bianchi.

  • Sonic Pulse Technology: 31,000 strokes per minute
  • Long battery life: up to two weeks use in between charging
  • Professional 2 minute timer and 30 second interval pacer
  • 3 cleaning modes: Clean, Sensitive and Massage
  • 3 colour LED indicator lights.
  • Slim lightweight design – easy to use
  • Hygienic storage case – perfect for travel
  • Set of 3 brush heads (each with individual coloured ring)
  • 3 Testina Incluse
  • 3 Modalità di Pulizia
  • Pulizia Avanzata
  • Base di Ricarica
  • Batteria di Lunga Durata
  • Timer di 2 minuti
  • Funzione di Carica Rapida
  • Design Sottile ed Ergonomico
  • Voltaggio Universale
  • 2 anni di Garanzia + 1 Extra
  • SONICFRESH™ Testine di ricambio RS401
    SONICFRESH™ Testine di ricambio
  • SONICFRESH™ Total Clean SFT-100
    SONICFRESH™ Total Clean
  • Testine per Spazzolino RS401
    Testine per Spazzolino
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